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Boron Carbide

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  1. Applications:

Abrasive field:
Surfaces of watches and jewels.

Refractory materials:
As antioxidant additives in refractory field.

Ceramics materials:
As materials made of boron carbide products and wear resistant components using in Blasting, Sealing, Machinery, Ships, Auto, Dies, Aviation and Aerospace industries.

Armor tiles:
High density boron carbide armor tiles, bullet proofing seats of helicopters.

Nuclear industry:
Boron carbide is an important material for nuclear applications due to high absorption cross section.

Boriding Agent:
Boron carbide is a raw material used in boriding agent. After the treatment, The hardness and the wear resistance of the surface are greatly improved.

Chemical additives:
Because of boron carbide good chemical resistance, for producing other boron containing materials such as titanium boride or zirconium boride.

Solid fuel:
Boron carbide based propellants for ducted rockets.



  1. Data Sheet:

  Tablets for grain sizes and chemical elements GB-T2481-1998(FEPA)

Grain Size Basic Sizeμm B% C% B4C%
F60 250 77-80 17-21 96-98
F70 212
F80 180
F90 150
F100 125
F120 106
F150 75
F180 75-63 76-79 95-97
F220 63-53
F230 D50=53±3.0
F240 D50=44.5±2.0
F280 D50=36.5±1.5 75-79 95-96
F320 D50=29.2±1.5
F360 D50=22.8±1.5
F400 D50=17.3±1.0
F500 D50=12.8±1.0 74-78 94-95
F600 D50=9.3±1.0
F800 D50=6.5±1.0
F1000 D50=4.5±0.8 74-78 91-94
F1200 D50=3.0±0.5
F1500 2.0+-0.4
F2000 1.2+-0.3 74-78 91-94
60#-150# 250-75 76-81 93-97
-100 mesh <150 76-81
-200 mesh <75
-325mesh (0-44μm) <45
-25μm <25
-10μm <10


Boron carbide powder grits sizes correspond to the customer’s requirements including specifications of the GB2481-1998/2009, FEPA, and JIS standard are available.